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Chocolate Covered Silkworms Taste Test03:06

Chocolate Covered Silkworms Taste Test



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Who would have guessed that the idea for "M&M's"® Plain Chocolate Candies was born in the backdrop of the Spanish Civil War? Legend has it that on a trip to Spain, Forrest Mars Sr. encountered soldiers who were eating pellets of chocolate that were encased in a hard sugary coating to prevent them from melting. Inspired by this idea, Mr. Mars went back to his kitchen and invented the recipe for "M&M's"® Plain Chocolate Candies.

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    May 16, 2016 by Viperinelight50

    Hi. I'm Viperinelight50. I joined this wiki very recently. Because none of you chocoholics know anything about me, I decided to share 5 facts about myself.

    1. I am allergic to dark chocolate. It makes…

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    Hello there everyone, this is one of the first blog posts, not about chocolate, today marks the day known as 9/11.

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