• Knife!

    Sorry for the inactivity guys, Annoying Orange Wiki takes up a lot of time and a strange addiction to online forums took up time. So, I was trying to get Bryce53 and X2 (both from Annnoying Orange Wiki) unbanned from Community Central, I was then arguing with Charitwo about the block so he threatened me with one more message and then I was blocked. So I gave up for a while, but I found a website that shows you your IP address and it showed if you use a router the IP addresses are the same. With that information, I sent it to Charitwo and he blocked me. I WAS TRYING TO ADDRESS A POINT!!!

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  • Knife!

    Was Luigirules33 making edits worth the badges? It doesn't seem like it.

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  • Knife!

    My main page

    June 1, 2011 by Knife!

    Welcome to the Chocolate Wiki, our goal is to inform all readers on chocolate. This wiki holds [[Special:Statistics|]] articles, although many are stubs and need expanding. We are aiming for 150 quality articles, but do not vandalise.

    A note from our bureacrats.

    Hello, thank you for making time to come to our wiki and hopefully help us out in our task. Please note, the badges aren't anything to brag about but a symbol of your hard work. Knife!

    Badge aren't evrything. Badges just show all the work you have done on our wiki. Thank you for making this wiki a better place. And remember vandalism doesn't do anything, just makes the admins job a lot harder. Mr. Minifigure

    Featured Article

    Who would have guessed that the idea for "M&M's"® Pl…

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  • Knife!

    Mr. Minifigure

    June 1, 2011 by Knife!

    This is the blog to plan how to redesign the wiki

    I'm thinking of a

    It is a basic layout

    Should we redesign the main page?

    This is a way to get more badges, I'll create the tracks but what tracks:

    Brands of chocolate


    Types of chocolate

    That alright?

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  • Knife!

    Knife! is here

    May 31, 2011 by Knife!

    As you can see, I am Knife! My name is mainly for the Annoying Orange Wiki which I am a regular contributor on. So, onto this wiki: I see you are in some difficulties with only 58 pages which of some are article stubs. Being an administrator on the AO Wiki, I know what to do.

    Ok, is there any active admin/bureacrat?

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