When it comes to chocolate, more is less. It does not matter how much you consume, but it should make you


3 Musketeers Chocolate

feel as if you are filled with chocolate. That is the main idea of all the people in the world who are deeply in love with chocolates. And when it comes to the 3 Musketeers Chocolate the more is less fit to the brand.

It is chocolate that is purely made with chocolate and only chocolate.  Remember the time when you use to come back from school to home, directly you use to go to the refrigerator and grab those chocolates. AH! Nothing is better than that. We know you still cherish all those beautiful memories. There was a company who knew what children like the most, and it was nothing but only chocolate. So they prepared a candy bar, which was chewy, and delicious, and the candy, 3 Musketeers was born.

Initially, the company sold three different flavors in one single pack. It was a set of chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. But as the time passed away, and inflation kept on increasing, they shifted to one chocolate in one pack. Their packaging may have changed, but their taste is still same.

Time changed, and you grew up. So did the 3 Musketeers Chocolate. They also knew that with the time, one should keep on inventing and launching new things or products. This led to the launch of their new flavors.

In the year 2007, the company celebrated its 75th anniversary. And in this regard, they came up with new flavors. It was a time when 3 Musketeers launched Mint. Later in the same year, they came up with a limited edition, Autumn Minis Mix, which featured Vanilla, Mocha Cappuccino and strawberry. The flavors were later followed by orange and raspberry. 

When was the last time when you had tried the new flavors of the 3 Musketeers Chocolates? We very well know as you grew, and your taste also grew with you. And now you wanted to try something different and new. We are pretty sure that the moment you saw those newly launched flavors, you must have grabbed them at first.  Keeping aside all your health issues or diet plans. Resisting such delicious chocolate is always a task, especially when it is filled with just chocolate and no crunch.

There might be some people who did not like the newly introduced flavors, but they must have appreciated the consistency of the company and their brand.

It is so amazing to see when the mid aged people enjoy their childhood memory in the same manner as they use to. Moreover, a big credit goes to the company as well. For trying new flavors and yet keeping their standards high. Whereas when we see other companies, as they move to the higher levels, their quality keeps on decreasing. This is completely opposite with the 3 Musketeers. Now they might not have all the three flavors, which justified their name. But they are still producing the products that are up to the mark.

In this blog we have discussed some interesting facts about 3 Musketeers Chocolates.


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